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Welcome to 2E0KBX's Radioworld

Ive been licenced since 2003 started with the call M3KBX then in 2004 i sat the intermediate exam and now use 2E0KBX

Like most people i sat around listening to shortwave radio then moved onto CB 1976 am for a while, at our local shop talking to Scaniaman ( CB Handle ) and Mel who was a friend i then started using 11m sideband which i enjoyed then i was having a brew with a mate who i didn't know was an amateur radio operator, once i had a listen he let me use his radio under his guidance and callsign, he then persueded me to take my foundation licence, i joined the Itchen Valley Radio Club who took me under their wing and got me through the tuition to get the licences i have now.


73 Catch you further down the log
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